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Raffaele, you did it again! I've had Raffaele design multiple websites for me and he never disappoints. Not only is this latest site a beautiful design, but it's really practical and covers all the bases I was looking for. Highly recommended!

June 20 - 2015

Blue Group Graphics did an AMAZING job on my website! Raffaele far surpassed my expectations and designed a website beyond what I could have imagined. He worked long hours not only to make a beautiful, easy to navigate website, but he also took time to explain in great detail how I can add photos and update information as I need. You are a true artist and pleasure to work with!
Thank you!!

February 16 - 2015

Blue Group Graphics did a terrific job on my father's website. Raphael was a pleasure to work with and went beyond what we expected. I would highly recommend that contact him for your website needs.

Maria Elena Black
December 29 - 2014

Thank you so much Raffaele for your hard work, professionalism and willingness to help with my family's website. It's a beautiful website and easy to navigate. I will confidently recommend you to anyone!
With appreciation, Maria Elena Black

Maggie Zimmerman
December 23 - 2014

It has been exciting to watch how a dream can come true with a talented and hard working artist like Raffaele. Thank you so much for a job well done!

Luis V. Zimmerman
December 23 - 2014

When we contacted Raffaele to do and design our website, we knew it was going to be good, but as it turned out, good has to be accompanied with excellence in design and performance. Raffaele is able to do such a tremendous job due only thru experience, patience and eagerness in helping his customers to achieve their goals as it has been in our case. Thank you, Raffaele, for a job well done!!

Vivian Lechner
December 22 - 2014

We can't say enough about our experience working with Raffaele. From start to finish it has been a truly exciting and seamless project. His creativity exceeded our expectations. Its not easy working with a small group with everyone having an idea or suggestion but Raffaele is a true professional and was able to meet all our needs. I would highly recommend Blue Group Graphics for your internet/website needs. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Raffaele!

Abigail Bazzoli
October 17 - 2014

Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing website your created for my business! The website is truly beautiful and professional and has a modern touch to it. You were patient with me until the end this website is a masterpiece!

Steve Smith
October 16 - 2014

Raffaele, you're the best! Thank you so much for you're patience with me as I changed my mind several times during the website creation process. You have a wonderful knack for creating a "clean" site. The appearance is inviting and NOT confusing. You helped me come up with ideas for the site which made it look and feel extremely professional. Without hesitation I would recommend Blue Group Graphics to anyone that needs an internet page/site. Thank you again, Raffaele, for all your hard work, patience and creativity you put towards the designing of love my website!!!

Jesse Carbone
July 07 - 2014

I'm very happy with the job that Raffaele Palazzolo did on my client's website. I brought him in to design the site from scratch and he didn't disappoint! He came up with a great design that included all the key elements that my client was looking for including the site layout, interfaces, task bars, and color schemes. When we weren't sure what direction to take on various aspects of the site, he managed to come up with solutions that were both practical and visually pleasing. What struck me the most was Raffaele's diligence to put in long hours and even late nights to make sure that he got every detail just as my client wanted, and as soon as possible. My client was extremely pleased, which meant I was also extremely pleased with the job that Raffaele did on their site, and I plan to continue having him handle all the site's regular maintenance and any other website projects that come up. I highly recommend Raffaele and Blue Group Graphics for website design!

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